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Vegas Players Edge

Vegas Players Edge provides professional insider Winning Sports Picks plus a time-tested sports betting money management system that helps you keep your sports wager winnings! As a sports handicapping service, Vegas Players Edge offers information based on specific variables, Home vs. Away, Day vs. Night, Strength of Schedule (both Home and Away), Last 4 games, ATS Records, scoring differential and much more, to show you the “True Line” on every game. The “True Line” is what we believe the Line on the game should be without the sportsbooks adjusting it based on public betting trends, fan favorites, and weather in an attempt to get equal action on both sides of a matchup. We offer membership-based packages, daily, weekly, Monthly and Seasonal (upon request), including introductory membership promotions that provide daily updates to guide your sports wagering decisions. When you purchase a Vegas Players Edge membership you get access to the information that the most successful sports bettors in the world use on a daily basis. Our unique rating on ALL plays posted allows you to wager correctly on each Play. Our “INSIDER” moves are the TOP RATED Plays we produce (rated 6 star), followed by 5 Stars, 4 Stars down to1 Star Plays. From January 1 2015 through December 31, 2017, our Clients are up OVER 1200 net units, in all Sports, based on betting these games in this format. Check out our Previous plays to see what we have done recently along with a YTD running total on Units. Visit our Previous Plays and check out our success for yourself. Records of all previous game results are posted daily on this website. A $50 a unit player would be betting a max of $300 on our “INSIDER” Moves, and $150 on our 3-star Plays.

Good Luck on all your betting.

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John Welsh and Vegas players Edge Have Developed one of the most comprehensive and In-depth computer programs to analyze NFL, NFL Free Picks, NFL Odds, CFB, CFB Picks, NCAA Football Picks, NCAAB Picks, CBB Picks NBA, NBA Picks, MLB, MLB Picks, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball games. We use our Multiple Power ratings, Home and Away overall, Home and away Last 8, 12 or 26 Games depending on the sports and the Last 4 Games Played. Vegas Players Edge’s Power ratings use our own Strength of Schedule for each team Home and Away using their Win loss Record and also the Against the Spread Records, So every Game Changes the power rating each and every week, by keeping Power Rating on the last 8,12,26 Games it allows us to keep up with changing team dynamic and the last 4 games power rating helps us keep up with injuries. We use these Power Ratings to set what we call the “True Line” on the Game, that is what the Line should be before any adjustments for Fan betting Favorites, Betting trends and when Compared to the Vegas Line, if we have an advantage of 2.5 or more we then Compare the Probabilities Home and away, Fav vs Dog and vs Specific Point Spread, 0-3, 3.5-7, 7.5-10. We predict Final scores on every game every day ,we use our Strength of Schedule to adjust the Points for and Points allowed on each team, this allows us to predict accurate scores based on the Competition played year to date. When all of these match up and our predicted Final scores agree we then Have a play, Play are Rated from smallest 1 star to Insider Move = 6 Star Play, using these methods we have won in every Sports the last 10+ years and are up over 15,000 Units for our clients.

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