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VegasPlayersEdge was created to provide information to serious sports bettors to help them transcend the odds to their advantage. Providing accurate predictions of outcomes of sporting events through intense analysis is our goal. Our success has led us to spread the wealth not only to our members but through charitable contributions as well.

Live and let live . . . is one of our favorite mottos. Too many of us jeopardize our happiness by trying to control the lives of others. We become fixated on what other people are and lose sight of who we are. A winner is able to be accepting of oneself and open and generous with others; especially to those in need. We hope to help create more winners in this world. Winners feel how good it is to be in a position to give back. We hope to make this feeling contagious.

Experience has taught VegasPlayersEdge to proceed calmly when one is not winning every night or every week. Our documented transparent track record speaks for itself. Our experience and hard work have paid off, not only for us but for all of our clients as well.

During the development of VegasPlayersEdge, we learned a healthy leisure life complemented its success. We want our members to enjoy life. We of us deal with stressful demands and other commitments. It is important to set aside time to communicate and engage with family and Friends.

Employment with VegasPlayersEdge is an enriching experience for our employees and we will continue to create dignified jobs and employ individuals without discriminating on a basis of but not limited to age, race, sex, or religion.

VegasPlayersEdge provides a winning culture. At times, there may be the reason for negativity, but there are many more reasons to look at the cup as half full. Our long-term members have gained awareness and increased the ability to maintain a positive outlook

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