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Welcome to VegasPlayersEdge FAQ! Here are answers to 26 of our most commonly asked questions about our sports handicapping system, our sports betting money management program and more.

What makes VegasPlayersEdge a leading sports handicapping system?

Unlike other sports services, VegasPlayersEdge assists its Members (sports bettors) not only in making the best profitable decisions from our sports predictions but in keeping their winnings based on our superior sports betting money management system.

We are vigilant in the continuous analysis and research of variables surrounding each event and adjust our predictions accordingly.
Vegasplayersedge  has in its group some of the industry’s brightest minds that research, analyze and evaluate each day’s scheduled games. All posted selections have been thoroughly reviewed. Records of our selected games are also posted.

How can VegasPlayersEdge surpass the odds?

VegasPlayersEdge has witnessed many people hitting a winning streak as well as sliding down into a losing streak. We have pinpointed how to help its members ride back up to the winning side. It’s what happens after hitting a losing streak that can really usurp one’s earnings. The vast majority of those that lose their earnings do so because they get stuck in the immediacy of the outcome and lose sight of the many subtleties of the sports betting market.

They quickly wager more money in an attempt to recover recent losses. VegasPlayersEdge advises a way to hold onto earnings by use of precise money management. This is what separates the winners from the losers.

For which sports can a Member receive VegasPlayersEdge daily sports picks? 

NCAA College Football
NCAA College Basketball
MLB Baseball

How can a Member of VegasPlayersEdge get the latest sports picks?

Experience and expertise makes a difference when it comes to being on the correct side of games, and that’s where VegasPlayersEdge excels. By following our proven bankroll system and selections, our Members have more success betting on sports than ever before. Every day our team studies the scheduled games for possible angles to identify the best investment opportunities.

I’m interested in signing up but I don’t have PayPal. Can I order over the phone?

Yes you can. You can order online or over the phone using our toll free 800 number. It is 1-800-540-2629.? Either way we strive for your convenience, privacy and security.? All transactions either by phone or website are processed online through our secured gateway. Our website is secure for all of your financial transactions. Again we value your privacy and security. Look under the “Membership” tab on the website and scroll down and click on “Membership Packages and Pricing”. Fill in the requested information and decide what membership package is right for you. You have a choice to use your credit card or use a PayPal account to become a Member. The email address you enter on our website will be the address we use for correspondence with you. Please make sure it is a valid email address that you have access to and use.

Do I need to provide a telephone number when signing up?

VegasPlayersEdge offers a FREE 3 day Trial trial which includes all of the selections with the ratings, a $39.98 value.? We do not collect phone numbers in the registration process for this daily publication.

When you sign up to be a Member to our service you will then be asked to provide your personal information and payment method. You can rest assured that you will never receive unwanted telephone calls from VegasPlayersEdge or have your number given out to other businesses or call centers. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously.

Will there be recurring billing?

We offer both recurring billing and one-time payment with renewal options. When purchasing a Monthly Access account, you will be rebilled at the end of the 30 days unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the billing cycle. Please note that recurring billing is only applicable to monthly Memberships so that Members don’t miss out on lucrative winning streaks by forgetting to renew their subscription on time.

For all other Membership packages, including the seasonal packages (example “March Madness”), your credit card will not be charged again at the end of the subscription. VegasPlayersEdge highly encourages clients to purchase longer-term Memberships rather than monthly subscriptions in order to take advantage of the significant price discount and the long-term profit they can bring.

What won’t VegasPlayersEdge claim?

Anyone can claim to offer great sports wagering advice but they seem to have amnesia when it comes to producing a valid record of plays. We do have a proven track record. Our system is based on experience, research, and facts.

So we will never say we guarantee outcomes or that we are a “contest winner”, “hitting 80% of the plays”, “handicapper of the year”, “#1 in the industry”, “have won 17 of the last 20 games” or that we have a “can’t lose game of the year”.

How long has VegasPlayersEdge been winning for its clients?

We don’t know of any other sports handicapping service like ours in the world that has kept Members accessing our service for decades. We have assisted many sports investors in achieving prosperity. We have developed many close relationships along the way. Some of these individuals are like family to us. From their contributions to our service, we, in turn, have displayed our philosophy to give back to others in need. Our loyal Members enjoy long-term winning and prosperity.

How can I see VegasPlayersEdge Verified Results?

Under the Previous Plays menu, we display every selection released, win or lose posted in the VegasPlayersEdge  The records on the website go back for the last four years. We have stored records of our plays that date back to the 1980’s. We also display information regarding yearly profit to date with figures updated daily. VegasPlayersEdge posts all past results because we know that serious sports investors do not expect to win each and every night, but instead look at the big picture.

Simply point your cursor over “Our Record” tab and click to view a specific time period’s selections and analyses.
In an industry where false promises and exaggerated claims are rampant, our transparent and accurate record demonstrates our commitment to integrity and long-term excellence. Unfortunately, we can no longer find any credible third-party sports monitoring services that have not been tainted by money or owned by the sports service(s) they are monitoring. The good ones of yesteryear are long gone. Years ago we used a Big 8 accounting firm to authenticate our selections. However, over time we found it is best for all of our selections to be tracked and verified by numerous Members of our service. It has given Members positive feedback for the credibility of our service. Members are encouraged to let us know if they ever notice a typo or mistake regarding our record keeping. The selections are released with lines and odds that are widely available at the time of posting.

How Many Selections Will I Receive on the VegasPlayersEdge vs. the Late-Breaking Alert Text/Email Service?

Regarding VegasPlayersEdge, this depends entirely on how many viable investment opportunities our computer displays for the specific day. The program has morphed over the years by tweaking its parameters. Once the specific team is selected, the ratings of strength are ranked from 1 to 5 units. Both the VegasPlayersEdge newsletter and the Late-Breaking Alert Text/Email service have the higher number as the stronger selection. “Insider Moves” selections, the highest rated play, are considered a 6-unit play. These numbers should be played according to a strict bankroll money management system that will be explained below.

Regarding a number of selections, Members will receive several selections on some days and only one on others. On some days we may pass with no selections. In comparison to the VegasPlayersEdge, the Late-Breaking Alert service can factor late-breaking information so they can differ. Keep in mind that our only goal is to profit—and “forcing plays” is something we never do. ?We do not chase units after a losing day.VegasPlayersEdge has always believed in quality over quantity since intelligent investing is all about being selective and this has brought great success year after year.

When are selections posted?

The VegasPlayersEdge sports picks are posted shortly after the morning numbers are solidified. The picks are sent to all Members via email. The Late-Breaking Alert Text/Email service picks are communicated to Members one hour before the first game goes off that day. This is sent as instructed by the Member upon signing up, via email, a private Twitter account or text message.

How are the picks rated? Are they all the same size?

VegasPlayersEdge and the Late-Breaking Alert text/email service picks are given a rating from 1 to 5 units. The rating corresponds to a recommendation for investing. For instance, a Member would invest 1% of their bankroll for 1 unit, 2% for 2 units, 3% for 3 units, 4% for 4 units, 5% for 5 units and 6% for our best picks called “Insider Moves”. With our current success so far this year, we have noticed the vast majority of picks average close to 3% of bankroll risked per pick. Most years it ranges around 2.5%. We have noticed over the years that some selections have much higher percentage of winning vs. others. Early on, Members occasionally inquired about games the computer had not selected. Hence, the unit rating system and the Daily REPORT was created. When great opportunities arise, we have the experience to know we can be confident and that’s when we release 6% “Insider Moves”. Similarly, if a certain team has value but is only a “lean”, that will be 1% for 1 unit selection.

What are “verified results”?

VegasPlayersEdge has a 100% transparency and verified results policy. This means that all our picks results from VegasPlayersEdge are posted daily on the website are separately tracked by many individuals who have been Members with the service for several years.

I’ve just signed up but unable to log into the Members Area. Why is that?

You should receive an email with your login and your unique password. If you do not please check your SPAM/JUNK folder first before contacting us. If you still can’t find it, please send us an email at or contact us 1-800-540-2629 and our staff will promptly assist you.

Can I place bets through your website?

No. This is not a gambling website. Our services offer picks or selections backed by sound logic and experience and include educating Members on sound money management. What a Member does with the information is entirely up to them. Where and how one chooses to wager a bet is not related to VegasPlayersEdge and it is the sole responsibility of individuals to comply with their local governing laws.

What is a bankroll?

A bankroll is the total amount of funds set aside for sports betting. VegasPlayersEdge bankroll system is the safest and most solid framework available for its Members. Our system has been designed for long-term success with our weighted units. It is crucial to understand the concept of money management and to only risk the specified percentages rather than random sums on individual games. We advise setting aside an amount you are comfortable with for the entire year, and it should not have to be augmented for all wagers on sporting events for that year. The bankroll can be gradually increased to help increase enjoyment of successful wagering on sports events. All members receive complete instructions to the VegasPlayerEdge Bankroll System via email upon registration.

Is this a chase/progressive system?

Absolutely NOT and we STRONGLY advise against all such systems. Unlike our strict money management bankroll system, chase/progressive systems are all ultimately fatal and will wipe out your bankroll despite any short-term gains.

Do you wager the selections you provide to Members?

Yes, VegasPlayersEdge invests on selections released to Members. As a result, we win and lose with our Members. That is why when we go through one of our winning streaks we are just as ecstatic as our Members. Likewise, when we go through a rough patch, we suffer along with our Members and are even more determined to turn things around. Some Members have larger bankrolls than others. We recommend you begin with a bankroll starting point that you feel comfortable with and allow it to grow.

If the VegasPlayersEdge REPORT evaluates every game on the board for the current day, why would you have a Late-Breaking Alert Text/Email service?

Besides the obvious situations of injuries, line movement and/or inclement weather conditions, etc. . . We are consistently trying to improve the late telephone program, with well over 10,000 possible plays a year, knowing that if we gain ½ % point or more it is very profitable. These additional methods result in selections that, if proven over an extended time, are released as late information selections and/or upgrading a play already released.

Do you fade the public?

Generally, the average sports bettor is on the wrong side of games because they are betting on big favorites, home teams or very popular teams. I I VegasPlayersEdge has learned to be one step ahead of the game and specializing in pinpointing which events have value on any given night. It does not matter whether a team is running hot or not; the true indicator of excellence is knowing which team might have an edge on any given night and having the skill to capitalize on that investment opportunity.

I have just signed up and received VegasPlayersEdge Bankroll System instructions. Do I have to follow these instructions exactly or can I bet whatever I like?

In order to achieve optimal results using VegasPlayersEdge selections, you MUST read and apply the simple instructions received in the introductory email.

While it is ultimately your decision what you do with your funds, you are taking varied risks, if you do not follow the exact bankroll system instructions. To that point, your success depends on you rather than on us.

I have lost money over the past week. Should I start wagering bigger?

Absolutely not. “Chasing” is the number one pitfall among gamblers. It is normal to win some and lose some, and over the course of a year, there will be some losing weeks. Nobody wins 52 weeks out of a year. You should resist the temptation of wagering bigger than our suggested percentages regardless of whether you are on a winning or losing streak. Please allow our expertise to assist you the days we do not win. Select a bankroll you are comfortable with and then stay consistent with your unit size. Temporary ups and downs are normal and part of the game. There will be fluctuation. Yet by staying disciplined and consistent, VegasPlayersEdge Members stay patient and come out on the top at the end of the year while others lose their investment in as little as a few days by chasing their losses. Chasing is what bookmakers count on and that is why they stay in business.

How does Vegasplayersedge  handle all the copycat services that attempt to emulate VegasPlayersEdge ’ sports handicapping system over the years?

We have had individuals and other sports consultants copying us for almost four decades. They say being copycatted is the ultimate form of flattery. However, there is a limit to the flattery. Our Members are very diligent in alerting us over the years of various improprieties perpetuated by others copying or directly ripping us off. These situations have been discussed by committee on a case-by-case basis. In some cases we have developed a zero tolerance policy. Over the years, unlike many services in the industry, VegasPlayersEdge information has proven to be very valuable.

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